Pre-K Resources

Ideas for fun and learning at home:

  • Read books together and talk about them- ideas for questions include: who is in the story, how is that character feeling, what is the problem in this story, what happened first/then/next/finally, does this story remind you of anything?
  • Read a favorite book and act it out together (we have started this with fairy tales and they love it)
  • Playing rhyming games to make pairs of rhyming words…see how silly the words can be
  • Count groups of items in your home- socks are great when you need a laundry helper!
  • Look for patterns in things around you- stripes on a blanket or shirt
  • Play board games
  • Play outside the weather is nice.
  • Create your own stories- there is a blank journal to let your child draw pictures from their time off- you can write the words or let them try or just have fun drawing pictures.
  • Play make believe
  • Let your child help you cook breakfast or dinner and let them clean up afterwards
  • Practice letters/sight words with chalk or paint
  • Most importantly try to HAVE FUN

Ways to Learn Through Play

Pre-K 4 Learning at Home